Sunday, November 29, 2009

Very busy in the Drop Inn!

It was still very busy last night in the Drop Inn. We thought it may quieten down a little as it does sometimes just before Xmas, but no, it was heaving last night.

Today we have been up to Puerto De La Cruz to collect two people who are staying in our apartment in Playa de Las Americas for two weeks. We decided, therefore, to make a day of it and went to the Monastery Restaurant. It is a lovely old Monastery that has been converted into a restaurant. There are lots of animals there and some run around the restaurant! It was all nicely decorated for Christmas as you can see from the above photo!! I had roast lamb and we also tried goose! The weather was a little different in the North and it even rained on the way home.

Friday, November 27, 2009

A surprise visitor to Tenerife!

Yesterday we had a surprise visitor! It was Kris (Buffalo) Robins!! Many of you will remember Kris Robins who worked here as a Country Singer. He worked for a long time in the Las Vegas Bar and before that with me as a duo called "ALIAS" in the Acapulco Bar back in 1992!!

He is now married to Joel, who is French, and is living in Paris! He may pop down to the Drop Inn on Sunday night to relive a little bit of ALIAS. If he does, then we will post it on here!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Ron and his Ron Miel

Here is Ron drinking his Ron Miel. Ron Miel is a Canarian liqueur made from Rum and Honey. Some people like drinking it if they have a sore throat or a cold, however, Ron didn´t have either!

Last Night in The Drop Inn

Two more happy faces in the Drop Inn last night!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Three Happy Faces in The Drop Inn Last Night

A Full House at the Drop Inn

Another busy night last night at the Drop Inn. It´s like one big family as there are so many people out at the moment that all know each other. The atmosphere has been great.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Very Busy in the Drop Inn

It is very, very busy now at the Drop Inn. I start singing at 8.30pm and I would suggest you get here early to get a good seat. Many people come every night to see me and like to reserve their table every night. This is okay if you come in early. Look forward to seeing you soon!!!

The Drop Inn on 11th November

Last night was a very busy night in the Drop Inn. Lots of familiar faces back. For many it was the first time in the Drop Inn and I am pleased to say they all really enjoyed the atmosphere. It is just like the old Acapulco Days.

It is especially good now that the weather has started to cool down at nights. To be outside on a cold windy terrace is no fun!! The weather in the winter can be changeable. In fact, at the moment it has just started to rain outside!! Thank god, I am inside tonight!