Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Christmas CD

My Christmas Cd is now on sale at 10 euros featuring popular Christmas songs.  I have had a lot of interest already in the bar.  Can also be ordered by post if anyone wants to invite me into their home over the Christmas period!!

We are having a bit of a Halloween do tonight in the bar.  Special Halloween cocktails and we will dress up.  Photos to follow tomorrow!!

Last night was very busy again with plenty of dancing out on the seafront.  We will have to look at getting smaller tables so that we can fit more people in.  The chairs are nice and comfortable, but the tables at the moment are a little large for just drinking. 

The evenings are still very warm at 26 degrees so we have the roof awning wide open at the moment.

We are expecting a lot of new guests over the next couple of weeks.  We are going to plan a big Country and Western night during this period so if you are coming out bring your fancy dress gear!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


We are very busy here in Tenerife at the moment.  We have just finished renovating our new apartment and it is now ready for occupation.  It looks fantastic and I will put some photos on and a video soon!

We have had lots of familiar faces in lately at the Marco Polo and we have had a really good atmosphere.  The evenings are still very warm, sometimes 26 degrees!  So its nice to be out in the open air!  The day time temperatures have been very warm and sunny.  Perfect beach weather!

Luke has now got a You Tube account so he is putting some of his videos on there of himself singing.  There is one on there of him singing Heaven by Bryan Adams.  You have to search for Luke Towler singing Heaven by Bryan Adams and it comes up.  His singing is really fantastic now.

We have just had all the local fiestas in Adeje and he has been singing there in the cultural centre.  That is where the video was taken at Voces de Adeje (Voices of Adeje).

Above you will see a couple of strange characters!!

This week at the Marco Polo

Most nights lately have been very busy in the Marco Polo.  We have had to move tables back for the dancing and people have been dancing outside on the walkway in front of the sea!!  Julie has been helping out sometimes in the evenings waiting on tables so the drinks have become very strong!!!  Beware of the sangria look what it has done to this pair!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Marco Polo Line Dancing

Nice and cool dancing in front of the sea at the Marco Polo.  Plenty of space!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Jock and Sheila

Do you notice anything different about Jock?

Good nights!!

These were taken in the Geordie Pride Wednesday.  Lavi and his girlfriend were doing a bit of performing also!

The Sangria testers!

This couple are often spotted testing out the Sangria!!  They also always manage to get a Sunday Roast when others cant!!!

Some good nights at the Marco Polo!!

It has been very busy this week in the Marco Polo.  We have had some great nights and some good laughs along the way.  Last night was David from Swansea\s birthday and we had a cake and everyone got a piece to eat the bar!!
At the weekend Nita, Big Bills wife, slipped over during a rendition of Blanket on the Ground from Lin and broke her wrist!  They flew back today and she is going to have an operation back in the UK to fix it.  They put a plaster on it here so that she could fly.   Fortunately she was ok to fly otherwise she may have had to stay on here for a few extra days.
There have been lots of familiar faces in lately and lots of fun and games.  Dancing on the walkway like the old times.  Also Luke gave a good concert on Sunday night.  He had the crowds cheering for more!!  His singing is really coming along now. 

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Geordie Pride last night

Last Night in the Geordie Pride

Last night I was at the Geordie Pride.  Everyone asked me to do it again this week as we had such a good time last week.  The place was very busy and they had put lots of extra table and chairs out.  They were even linedancing!!  We were there till about 3am this morning so feeling pretty tired today!!  There we lots of familiar faces in last night including Jock and Sheila, Big Bill from Silsden and his gang, Carol and David from Swansea, Maralyn and Steve and many many more.  It was a great atmosphere and everyone had a great time.

My Award!!

As you can see from the picture I am holding my Award which I won last night in Adeje in a singing competion that I didn't even know I had entered!!  My son Luke was supposed to enter, but then we found he was too young so his teacher joked about me entering.  On Monday I had a phone call to go along for a sound check.  I went along and was told to come back at 8pm.  I sang a song, one of my own original songs called How Many Songs are There Left to Write and I was then told I was in the final, which was last night in the auditorium in Adeje!!  I couldn't even stop to watch the rest of the contestants and the show as I had to go to work in the Geordie Pride.  Julie and Luke stopped behind to watch and then they turned up with my award trophy in the bar later!! 

Sunday, October 3, 2010


I am playing at the Marco Polo on the seafront (Salytien Centro Commercial).  Between Hotel Gran Tinerfe (Casino) and the Palm Beach Club.  I start every night around 8.45 until midnight.  Best to come early at the moment to get a seat as it has been very busy.  You can always text us on 00 34 627 181167 if you want to check if I am there or call us on 00 34 922 729612. 

Lots of familiar faces

Have been working nearly every night recently at the Marco Polo.  It has been very very busy with lots of familiar faces.  They were all dancing on the walkway like old times the other night when we had a lot of line dancers in.  They have so much space to dance out there and as the evening goes on there and it is so nice in front of the sea in the open air!!  The atmosphere has been fantastic just like old times.

I was also working at the Geordie Pride last Wednesday night when there was a General Strike here in Spain.  Again a fantastic night and we were there till 4.30am!!  Not used to having such late nights!!  Julio came up with his wife to join us as most of the people in there were from the old Acapulco days!!