Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Award!!

As you can see from the picture I am holding my Award which I won last night in Adeje in a singing competion that I didn't even know I had entered!!  My son Luke was supposed to enter, but then we found he was too young so his teacher joked about me entering.  On Monday I had a phone call to go along for a sound check.  I went along and was told to come back at 8pm.  I sang a song, one of my own original songs called How Many Songs are There Left to Write and I was then told I was in the final, which was last night in the auditorium in Adeje!!  I couldn't even stop to watch the rest of the contestants and the show as I had to go to work in the Geordie Pride.  Julie and Luke stopped behind to watch and then they turned up with my award trophy in the bar later!! 


Rudi en Heinie said...

Congratulations, you should be proud of, is a beautiful gift, and a Surprise for you.
It's still a prize for your talent.
Well done!!!

Ps, I like your shirt.

Rudi en Heinie said...

Now we wait for the prize Award in Cannes in France,where all the great singers receive their the big Awards.
We looking forwards