Wednesday, October 27, 2010


We are very busy here in Tenerife at the moment.  We have just finished renovating our new apartment and it is now ready for occupation.  It looks fantastic and I will put some photos on and a video soon!

We have had lots of familiar faces in lately at the Marco Polo and we have had a really good atmosphere.  The evenings are still very warm, sometimes 26 degrees!  So its nice to be out in the open air!  The day time temperatures have been very warm and sunny.  Perfect beach weather!

Luke has now got a You Tube account so he is putting some of his videos on there of himself singing.  There is one on there of him singing Heaven by Bryan Adams.  You have to search for Luke Towler singing Heaven by Bryan Adams and it comes up.  His singing is really fantastic now.

We have just had all the local fiestas in Adeje and he has been singing there in the cultural centre.  That is where the video was taken at Voces de Adeje (Voices of Adeje).

Above you will see a couple of strange characters!!

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