Friday, December 10, 2010

Silent night

I was enjoying listening to my wonderful Christmas cd with a little help from Dave, Luke, & Julie.


Steve has some competition.

Saw man,a Santa Cruz street performer

Santa Cruz

Spent the day in Santa Cruz yesterday.As you can see the weather was great.It's hard to believe I was rained off in the bar the night before.
There was a cruz ship in the port.(wish I was on it)

This our only Marks and Spencer's.It's very small,but they have all the nice Christmas things.

They were also erecting an ice rink.

german dancers & Steve last night

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


The Marco Polo will be closed for essential maintenance from Monday 13th December for a week.  We will be opening again ready for the busy Christmas and New Year period.  I will probably have a few days rest during this period, but if I decide to do any odd nights elsewhere I will post it here.  Many bar owners have been asking if I would like to work as they have seen how busy it has been in the Marco Polo!!

Busy Nights

We have had a few bad days of weather here lately in Tenerife and I have taken a couple of extra nights off because of it.  However, last night was busy even though we had a downpour of rain towards the end of the evening.  I am surprised at how busy it has been as sometimes it can go quiet leading up til Christmas.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

As you can see there is snow on Teide.

after storms here comes the sun

Scottish girls & dutch friends

As you can see we had a lot of fun tonight.
I met people I hadn't seen for seventeen years.
We couldn't believe where all the time has gone.
It was a real mixture.We had people from Holland,Norway,England,Scotland,Denmark and Germany.
Many were clients that have been coming to see me for many years.
Christmas is coming round fast now, and my Xmas cd is selling like hot cakes.I can't get enough manufactured to cope with the demand.
Long may it last.

Scottish women and guys from N Ireland

having fun again in the Marco Polo

The Weather

We have had some bad storms in Tenerife.  Sunday and Monday were a complete wash out with winds and rain. Winds up to 190 km per hour in the North of Tenerife.  Fortunately yesterday and today much better, although still looking a little dodgy!!  I did not work on Sunday and Monday due to the weather.  Tuesday night was very busy again with lots of old faces from years gone by and last night was okay too.  Still, we can't complain about the weather as in the UK it is much worse.  We have heard from some of our clients today that they are unable to get to the airport due to the snow.  They are due to fly out tomorrow so hopefully things will get better!