Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Some good nights at the Marco Polo!!

It has been very busy this week in the Marco Polo.  We have had some great nights and some good laughs along the way.  Last night was David from Swansea\s birthday and we had a cake and everyone got a piece to eat the bar!!
At the weekend Nita, Big Bills wife, slipped over during a rendition of Blanket on the Ground from Lin and broke her wrist!  They flew back today and she is going to have an operation back in the UK to fix it.  They put a plaster on it here so that she could fly.   Fortunately she was ok to fly otherwise she may have had to stay on here for a few extra days.
There have been lots of familiar faces in lately and lots of fun and games.  Dancing on the walkway like the old times.  Also Luke gave a good concert on Sunday night.  He had the crowds cheering for more!!  His singing is really coming along now. 

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