Saturday, September 5, 2009

New Job

I am pleased to tell you that I will now be working in the Drop Inn. After a lot of careful thought and consideration that is where I decided would be best for me and for our followers. During the winter months it can be cool and the Drop Inn is an inside venue.

Also the drinks prices are much cheaper than we have been used to in other venues and the service is first class. The waiters are all very friendly and want to become involved with the customers. One waiter, in particular, Vicente loves to get up and sing and dance. The boss, Gaspar, who we have known for many years is very keen to turn the Drop Inn into a Country Music and Dancing bar. He has had cabaret acts on for many years and is very enthusiastic about me working there and making a big change. You will not feel that you have to pay up and be out by midnight!!

We think that people will have a lot of fun in the Drop Inn. It will be more like the "old Acapulco days" where we had a lot of good fun and good laughs.

There is ample room for dancing. The food is fantastic and very good quality.

For those of you who do not know where the Drop Inn is, it is on the same street as the Central Park and it is on the corner of the street opposite the Palm Beach Club.

I will be appearing every night from 9pm until late. Look forward to seeing you soon. Please tell everyone you know where I am!!