Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Busy in the Drop Inn

It has been very busy over the last week in the Drop Inn. Normally it does go a bit quieter before Christmas, but so far this has not happened yet in the Drop Inn! People seem to be having a great time and enjoying themselves. We will be having some fun and party nights over the Christmas and New Year period.


Rudi en Heinie said...

Maybe Santa Claus will still pass
with many present!!
you never now.

annie_linder said...

I just wanna thank you for your nice singing and entertainment on my holiday in Playa de las americas. Really like the Simon & Garfunkel songs and I hade very fun at the Drop inn. Now I back in Sweden in -8C and 8 inches snow. So it's gonna be a white Cristamas here =) Merry Christamas and a happy new year!// Annie