Monday, April 12, 2010

Line Dancing in the Drop Inn

I would just like to clarify that Line Dancers are very welcome at the Drop Inn. There seems to have been a few rumours going round that they are not welcome and that I do not want them in the bar. This is complete rubbish and I always try to sing and play music for line dancers when they are in the bar. I have been working with line dancing in Tenerife since 1992 so I am hardly going to say goodbye to all my long standing clients! If line dancers come in the bar and want to hear anything special then please ask me. We can also make more room by moving tables if necessary.

Obviously we have to cater for everyone and all nationalities as you cannot run a business in any other way in a holiday resort. I try to play for everyone and make everyone welcome.

So please feel free to Line Dance if that is what you wish to do. EVERYONE IS WELCOME!!

1 comment:

jablom said...

Nice to see that you still singing at DropInn.
But you should report more often in your blogg!

From Saturday, January 9, 2010
until Monday, April 12, 2010, it's a long time and nothing seems to happens in the blogg.
That can make anyone believe that you "Left The Building"
Please keep the blogg alive
and the line dancers happy!