Monday, May 24, 2010

Party night on 27th May

Have been busy working in our new apartment. Havent been looking for a job yet, but have been out and about. Went past the Drop Inn on Saturday night and it was the quietest I have ever seen it. Only about four people in! So the cabaret is not really working at the moment in there. We went to the Berlin Bar where it was very busy as they had a party on for the football. Last Saturday I did a private party for the owner of the Berlin bar. It was an 8 course meal for 12 people and I played accoustic guitar and sang around the table. It was a lovely evening and everyone enjoyed it. Its a great idea and very personal for those there.

On Thursday 27th May, I will be singing in the GEORDIE PRIDE in Puerto Colon. We are having a bit of party night so if you read this and you are around pop in!! The Geordie Pride has recently been taken over by new owners and the food is excellent and the drink prices very reasonable. Only 1 euro a pint before 8pm!!

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Rudi en Heinie said...

Hope you have many people on Thursday, who like your music and I'm sure they love it!!
And don't forgot ( Sweet Notings ) to sing, people love that song.
And you never now for the future!!

Greetings Sweet Notings.