Monday, June 7, 2010

Working in June

Had another good night last night in the Marco Polo.  Its been strange working in different places as some people have found me again after many years!  One couple we hadnt seen for 18 years and another couple for about 8 years! 
I will be appearing again tonight (Monday 7th June) at the Marco Polo on the seafront at Salytien along from Hotel Gran Tinerfe.
I will be in the Geordie Pride again on Thursday  night (10th June).
Keep looking on here for updates as I have no fixed timetable at the moment.
Luke went down a storm last night singing his Robbie Williams and Michael Jackson songs.  There were quite a few young girls in who wanted to be photographed with him and get his autograph!

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margaret_daly68 said...

Saw Steve again after about eight years as we were unable to find out where he was playing and although each time we were in Tenerife we would ask if anyone knew where he was no one was forthcoming with info. Anyway it was great hearing him again and what is so different with his act from all the others in Las Americas is that he can actually sing and play and his son is really talented too. Will check his blog from now on any time we are in Tenerife.
Terry and Margaret Daly.